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  • ticketing hub
  • webshops
  • onsite sales
  • admission
  • RFID wristbands
  • access control
  • volunteer shift management
  • cashless integration

Backstage is an ecosystem of event management solutions and services for any large-scale event to streamline pre-event, onsite and post-event business processes in a personalized, branded, integrated way.

Built originally for music festivals, but thanks to its flexibility and wide set of solutions, it is also perfect for concert venues, sporting events and conferences as well.

Backstage helps to increase efficiency, improve communication and productivity to enhance attendance and build a successful brand.

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We create webshops built into the festival site, fully integrated with the festival brand. No need to navigate to a ticket sales company website - all product information and the whole purchase process is managed within your festival’s domain.

The translation functions can provide better communication with your audiences, localisation functions cover product info, marketing info, e-mail templates, vouchers, legal consents and many other areas.

physical sales

(presales and on-site ticket sales)

Ticketing partners or sponsors can perform presales directly from Backstage and the on-site sales is integrated with the wristband exchange process. Both supported by shift and stock management for improved accountability.

pricing and discount

Backstage supports multiple currencies, complex price phase limitations and payment plan options. Our various discount strategies, based on coupon codes or co-purchases, can work well in sponsoral partnerships.


external sales hub

Ticketing partners can send transactions to Backstage on-the-fly, as they happen. Through our API platform partners can query products, prices, marketing information and ticket availability straight from Backstage. Tickets sales are aggregated from all sources, giving organizers instant information on sales from partners.

secondary sales

Backstage supports secondary sales by providing the means for a safe, controlled resale process with API integration.


Accreditation is the way to keep track of all professional tickets, Backstage includes process management features for handling staff, guest, volunteer and many more non-visitor tickets.

We have processes for the approval of accreditations, ticket personalization, and sending out vouchers in a controlled, trackable way. Wristband exchange and access control management also covers professional tickets during the event.

accreditation flows

We have developed several business processes around different accreditation schemas. Choose the process for any situation with options including credit based sponsor, press, crew accreditation and many more.

professional sales

Professional sales provides the means to sell tickets through distinguished channels for specific partners and organizations where they still feel privileged and the event organizer still realizes a revenue.

access control

entry - exit

Backstage provides dynamic zone- and time-based access control for visitors.

Eligibility, entry / exit rights can be checked at zone boundaries by Backstage itself, our simple mobile application or any other source through API integration.

ticket - wristband

Fast exchange process, using widely available devices like mobile phones, or laptops equipped with simple barcode / RFID readers. Accepting any kind of ticket representations issued by Backstage or external sales partners. We manage complex scenarios like issuing multiple wristbands for a ticket or adding access rights based on multiple tickets for a single wristband.

visitor counting

During the event, the zone-based dashboard provides real-time information on the attendance of different areas along with current entry/exit speed information.

ID scanning

With our integrated personal identification processes, you can collect personal data from passports and ID cards by ID scanning devices or through an online check-in process.

vehicle control

Accreditation and access control is also available for vehicles not just visitors.


wristband management

Backstage includes item inventory management, which makes it easy to keep track of inventory and the processes related to storing, transporting and exchanging wristbands, while increasing accountability, and reducing possible abuse by personnel.

shift management

Onsite ticketing, wristband exchange and entry personnel can be supervised under POS- / desk-based shifts with tight control over wristband inventory, cash management, etc.

cashless integration

Working together with Festipay, we utilize RFID based wristbands not only for access control but also cashless payment. We have many integration features like ticket pretopups, where, upon wristband handover, the topup amount is automatically uploaded to the wristband. The integration is supported with helpdesk features as well.



Netpositive gained large experience in supporting festivals and other high-attendance events. Based on our experience with leaders of the festival industry we provide extra services to our clients, such as pre-event consulting and setup/parameterising assistance. We also offer an extensive training to your crew members so they can provide a seamless festival experience to visitors. We provide onsite crew for supporting your live events 0-24.

We help organizers to aggregate transactions from external ticket sales companies, and integrate our processes with your existing IT partners, cashless payment solutions etc.

In order to ensure your event is running smoothly, we offer a fully synchronized offline architecture which provides all related services at the event venue in case of a network outage or any other internet access issue.


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